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Here are some Outdoor Safety Tips to follow to ensure the safety of your children:

  • Regularly patrol your yard or play area for broken glass, rusty metal, sticks, random gardening tools and buckets or coolers that may have standing water.
  • Keep all chemicals, pesticides, gasoline, car wax, paint, paint removed and any other chemical products out of children’s reach and in original, labeled containers.
  • Know what plants are in your yard. Recognize and remove wild mushrooms, poison ivy, poison oak or other poisonous trees, flowers or plants.
  • Never leave small children outside unsupervised.
  • Keep children away from barbecue grills, even when not in use.
  • Don’t let kids play with lawn mowers, weed trimmers or garden shears
  • Regularly monitor playground equipment for sharp edges, rusty nails or splintery surfaces.